Except for few cars all the major Indian cars are compatible with cng however there are 2 different models available in cng kits and as per the car you can get it done .Cng cars are successful and that is why lot of car comes with company cng fitted vehicle, currently there are 3 models in cng kits , conventional also known as open loop system and sequential also known as injector system .
All mpfi engines work great on comventional system and are compatible till euro 3 engines all the cars were modified to conventional and thus all the manual cars from 2001 to 2010 are advised for conventional system however before you decide the best pls read the blog which explains in depth about both
All cars make on 2010 or after are advised for sequiental system as they are compatible enough and makes running smother as the system is little different unlike conventional and makes driving experience more smother

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