Wear and tear to Engine??
Frankly there is no wear and tear to engine and that is why lot of companies have introduced cng fitted cars . but there are some basic practices to avoid any harm to engine , as the original engine is a petrol engine one should make sure that car runs at least a km or 2 on petrol on daily basis so the injectors don’t get dry and get fluid all the time also need to ensure that petrol is there in car so the tank doesn’t get dry as some cars get issues on dry petrol tank . At the time of every petrol service apart from changing oil we also need to ensure spark plugs are checked and changed if required as it plays a vital role in cng car also it had been noticed Air filter needs to kept cleaned for the better performance of the car .
Service frequently
Perishable parts such as air filters take a beating on CNG, so service your vehicle more frequently; if your service is due at 15,000 km, get it done when you touch the 12,000 km mark. This will spare you the horror of being stranded on a rainy night due to simple issues like lack of engine oil, coolant or a breakdown of parts.
Get CNG tuning done by a specialist
Always get the CNG kit tuned by a specialist. If your car has a factory fitted CNG kit, go to the authorized service center. At the hands of unqualified mechanics, your CNG car could have problems like increased engine vibration, irregular acceleration (missing), etc.
Replace spark plugs
Spark plugs meant for petrol vehicles wear out fast when driving on CNG. There are two ways you can combat this issue: either use special spark plugs meant for CNG cars (they cost between Rs.150-200 a piece) or you could request your mechanic to reduce the gap between the metallic tip of your plug and the actual source of spark (This will cost you nothing if you know the guy!)

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